Peter Tursa, Lead Pastor

Peter is passionate about helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ! As a husband, father and grandfather (Opa) he cherishes the experiences of life that continue to shape him and help him serve the Lord. When it comes to Sunday morning messages, Peter considers himself to be a communicator of biblical truths and stresses the simplicity of the message so that it can be understood by all. He enjoys puppetry, creating skits, blogs and YouTube videos. His engineering and creative skills are also very visible at his rabbitry (rabbit farm). Peter maintains that life is about “finding balance” in all that you do. When Christ is your life; then all of your life is His!

Peter has a Master’s degree from Ontario Theological Seminary (Tyndale) and is an ordained minister with the Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Brenda Tursa, Associate Pastor

Although Brenda works full time in an office environment outside of the church; she assists with the leadership and teaching of the church and is passionate about our women’s ministries in particular. Brenda possesses a spiritual depth and calm that has provided help and encouragement to many.

Brenda enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as reading, sewing and experiencing good theatre. She is an ordained minister with the Free Methodist Church in Canada.

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